In The Mirror

by Astru

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released December 13, 2014



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Astru Hungary

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Track Name: Apprehensive
It starts deep down
Swells in my stomach
Then slowly creeps up
Till it’s stuck in my throat
I can’t breathe
I feel dizzy, confused
I shake and I tremble
And I want to give up
At this moment, life is pointless,life is cruel

I want to give in
But I’m told to fight
And it finally gets through
I’m stronger than this
I fight so hard
That I’m taken aback
I can’t believe I have the strength
Track Name: Earth Inferno
Comes home every night
Covered in soul scars
Hate this human hell
Is the life repugnant
Drinks and drugs to forget
Suicide and stop the nuisance
Denies that there is existence after death
Life is empty
Track Name: Fright
I can smell the blood
Smell the fear
The snap of a twig
Lets them know I'm near

I watch them from the shadows
Running into the night
Every gasp that passes their lips
Intensifies their fright

They know there's no escape
Allow themselves to quiver
The smell gets even stronger
As their blood flows like a river
Track Name: Dark Infinity
Night creeps over the world
Like an animal looming over its prey
Darkness represents solitude
I long for the darkness of day
The dark brings unknown temptations
Shadows make fiery shapes
Moonshine uncovers reality
Night creeps over the world

There's time at night to ponder
About what the dark future brings
Nightmares and sweaty palms
You die when the crow sings
The crow sings
Track Name: Daydreamer
What do you dream?
Of misty fields
An acid stream
Of demons and corpses
In shining aura
Of the deep dark clouds
I'm calmer and calmer
Of new and old human hell
Night and day
Dark and light
White and grey
Tell me daydreamer
What do you dream?
Are you really dreaming?
Are things as they seem?
Track Name: Merciless
Once again I start to kill,
Blood based on my life,
It's my mind of all knowledge,
I have nothing to say

I have no past, no future,
Nothing is all I remember,
Amnesia is all I'll obtain for the night,

Tomorrow all will come flooding back,
When I haven't the urge to live,

So for now I'll put blade to skin,
I'll pretend to be a bard,
For tomorrow I'll know what has been and what will,
And killing it down will be nice.
Track Name: Withdrawal
A cloud of calm surrounding me
Isolating my fears
The illusion is, I’m free

Inhale and Exhale
Rocking me back and forth
Lulling me to sleep

Trying to reach me
Beckoning me forward
With its icy claws

Taking over my senses
Playing with my common sense
Seeking out my flaws

Such a foreign word
Distant and fuzzy
Can’t reach that final goal

When the rain or the trees
Are clear and not dead
The shadows hide my soul

I’ll touch it one day
People is my enemy
Courage my destination

Till I’m finally free
Armed with knowledge
And pure determination.
Track Name: In The Mirror
Why would you want to live?
Endure the pain
Endure The Pain
I'm a ghost of myself
Surely not sane?
I don't beg and i Don't plead
no return

Life is killing me, irrevocably
As you look in eyes of death
But don't returns the next day
Not a surprise,never returns

You look in the mirror
And take a deep breath
Why did you come?
Why are you leaving?

Have gone away.